Dissections 3


DISSECTIONS 3 by Joseph Pinto

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Dried Glue

Your frown seems longer in the shadows
and your eyes flutter like the autumn leaves
that seek solace at my feet
between us the empty shell of something once we’d born
my fingers so clumsy
trying to glue it back.
Laughter fades in the rearview
a ghost of broken promise all that remains in the street
seemingly typical when you wish to be lost in a crowd
and closed signs stop you at doors.
It’s okay, we’ll talk, won’t we?
Of times when the air rushed through our hair
the open road a cherished child.
We played favorites, didn’t we?
Always the same marker until we reached a place our own
but today your eyes signal a storm on the horizon
and your lips flutter like the autumn leaves
that seek compassion at my feet.
We held that empty shell of something once, didn’t we?

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Meet the Damned: Tyr Kieran


Meet Pen of the Damned’s Tyr Kiernan

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What have we here? It seems Tyr Kieran has shed his mild demeanor, gone beyond mere darkness into the inky black other to drag us deep within his own psyche while thrashing his tail a bit.  “Your dinner is in the oven!” Mmm-mmmh – a great flick, and one that for the past few years this particular deviant has brought to mind. I may have to reassess that particular association; I do believe something a bit more sinister is called for in Master Kieran’s case. Shall we trespass on his hallowed ground, learn more about his fascination with horror? After you, damnlings…

Darkness Unleashed
Tyr Kieran

It’s difficult to determine whether the darkness was always there, or if a series of events and influences conjured it into being. Am I a tortured soul hanging on to sanity with an ever loosening grip? No… at least I don’t think so. Have…

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Interview with Armand Rosamilia


An interview with Armand Rosamilia

Originally posted on Scott M. Sandridge:

10403409_10204114432081167_310592458127484597_n33Dying Days 4 Print 2An interesting thing happened on my way to work today. I ran into a horde of zombies only to get rescued by a motorcycle-riding fella’ named Armand Rosamilia, wielding a shotgun in one hand and a pen in the other. And his pen proved deadlier than the shotgun. Go figure.

But since he saved me from becoming Zombie Chow, I figured the least I could do was interview him.

And now on to the interview!

Introduce yourself to the readers.

Hi. I’m Armand. (pause so you can say Hi back). I’m a full-time author. I have an unhealthy fascination with midgets. Actually, dwarves. I actually saw “House Party 2″ in a movie theater. I write a lot, and I’m totally famous for my Dying Days series.

What’sDying Days 4 about?

Nonfiction book about the proper way to make hot sausage. Sorry, wrong book. Dying Days 4 is the…

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Pointed Ends


POINTED ENDS by Pen of the Damned’s Leslie Moon

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“9-1-1? I am calling about three, maybe four people who have been abducted. I can tell you where they are.”

“Let me get your name, number you are calling from and location.”

“Oh okay.” I tried to take large gulps of air to still the panic. “It’s my daughter. They…he took her. One of them had a gun at my head.” I trembled as I remembered cold metal pressed against my temple.

“Ma’am calmly give me your name, your number, the closest address.” I could sense rising impatience in the operator.

“Address? I dont’ know. I’m in the part of the psychiatric facility that’s under renovation. Does the address matter? Some of the buildings are unstable. That bastard is putting my child in harm’s way. I’m her mom. She would be a famous actress if he would let her live. There’s no number on this plastic hull of a land…

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Guest Post – Author Hunter Shea


Guest Post by Hunter Shea, author of THE MONTAUK MONSTER

Originally posted on A Writer's Life:

montauk monster

I am delighted to announce a guest post by the talented Hunter Shea, whose new novel, The Montauk Monster, is great fun.  Reminiscent in all the right ways of early Stephen King in style and tone, Shea has written a story whose fast-paced action, endearingly realistic characters, and creatively brutual monsters are sure to delight fans of  action thrillers and old-school horror alike.

Those who want to follow his blog tour can check out his schedule here.

Without further ado, I give you Hunter Shea….
Why do I write horror?

First of all, I’ve loved horror all my life. As a kid growing up in the 70s, I couldn’t wait to stay up a little later to watch Kolchak : The Night Stalker or movies with my dad like The Thing From Another World or The Haunting.

I was reading King and Lovecraft and Saul before I was 10. My comic book collection, though overflowing…

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All These Voices


ALL THESE VOICES by Thomas Brown

Originally posted on Pen of the Damned:

The sound of the tape slides soothingly into Nicholas’ ears. Not the music itself, although that is certainly pleasant, but the mechanical whir of the reels as the tape’s innards wind through the machine. He doubts if he could write so well without the quiet whirring. He doubts if he could write at all with the noise of the world at his window and under the soles of his feet.

The pub beneath his bedsit is busy tonight. Voices slice through the floorboards as though the wooden planks do not exist. He might be sitting at the bar himself, submerged in the chorus of cries and thoughtless laughter: the White Ship on stormy, booze-wracked seas. Pouring a glass of wine he sits back in his chair and drinks.

Sometimes he can make out word-for-word the different conversations at the bar. Drunkenness seems only to increase people’s volume, as though…

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Meet The Damned: Craig McGray


Meet Pen of the Damned’s Craig McGray

Originally posted on The Road to Nowhere...:

So who are these Pen of the Damned cretins I keep mentioning? Here’s your chance to find out. First up is Craig McGray. Don’t let his mild-mannered looks fool you. This deviant is as twisted as the rest of the bunch! Don’t forget to follow him on twitter and facebook, check out his personal blogs and his Amazon author page for some great reads, and his latest story on Pen of the Damned at the end of this feature. Now, let the flaying begin…

Meet The Damned
Author Craig McGray

CraigMcGray_AuthorPhotoForBlogSeeing as how most of my characters are downright awful human beings, I should come out of this looking like a real peach. Please hold your questions until the end and shut off your cell phones, or at least put them on vibrate, common sense, people.

Maybe I can start by providing a glimpse into what makes me tick as…

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