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The 1950s

Taking a break from doing any real serious writing, I realized that based on my tastes there aren’t really any movies coming out that I want to see. For whatever reason I remembered seeing a poster for the movie “This Island, Earth” and I started to look up movies from that era. The 1950s (for me and anyone else who enjoys the awesomeness of bad sci-fi/horror movies) was a gold mine. It was a turbulant time with the Second World War still fresh in everyone’s minds (not to mention the Korean War) and the threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union. If I had the ability to travel back in time, I think I would go back to experience that decade. The movies were already predicting that rockets would be used to send people into space and the Soviet Union made that reality on October 4th (my birthday!) 1957. So you had mankind blasting off into space in some of these movies, aliens invading from space, some aliens coming in peace, and monsters attacking city as a result of nuclear testing. All of it is simply fantastic. Here are some of the ones I have seen and absolutely love, even if it’s simply for the title and premise:

The Thing

Creature From The Black Lagoon

The Day the Earth Stood Still

War of the Worlds


Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

It Conquored The World

How can you not love movies with titles like that? And the really bad ones make up for it with their campiness.

November 13th, 2012

I’m slowly slipping into my bad habits of not updating this on a regular basis. My writing hasn’t been as productive lately. Aside from the two stories I submitted and “In The Cold” in the final editing touch up stage, I haven’t really accomplished much. There are some bullshit excuses like stress from contract negotiations at work and feeling under the weather but those are just excuses. They are not reasons nor should they be accepted as such. It isn’t from lack of trying but the words just wouldn’t come out. So instead of sitting, forcing and frustrating myself I’m taking another approach and doing some research and reading material that has nothing to do with the projects I’m working on. It’s actually providing my mind with a nice little break but at the same time it’s still getting appropriate stimulation. It has been reigniting ideas in my head and is making me excited to get back to writing.

Finally, another post

Despite the fact I have not posted anything recently, things have been progressing at a steady pace. Contract disputes at work have made life quite stressful but what can you do? Writing has gone reasonably well despite the distractions at work. I have submitted two stories for publication, one titled “Paratrooper” and the other “What Lies Beneath the Seat”. Hopefully I’ll be hearing back from the publications I submitted them to in due time. “In The Cold” is just awaiting its final read through before I submit that one and then I will be editing a story I wrote a year ago in hopes of submitting it. I’m still plugging away at my superhero-ish story as well as some other horror short stories. Ideas for possible novels are kicking around my head but I’m not ready to begin that undertaking – YET. 

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