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Busy times



It has been quite some time since my last blog post but it is not without reason. This has been a very busy time of year for me. Most of March was taken up by a well needed family vacation.We were in Miami for a few days and then spent a week on the Carnival cruise ship Glory in the Western Carribean. When we returned my mind was refreshed and I was stoked to resume writing.

Aside from my full time job as a Security Checkpoint Coordinator and my time writing, the hours available in my days have been dwindling. My wife and I purchased a house back in January and the closing date is April 15th. We’ve been packing like mad to ensure that we’re all ready for the big move while at the same time we’ve had to keep our current home “clean and presentable” as our landlord is showing it to potential tenants.

During that time I’ve been able to finish a few stories, one of which was just accepted to be published in The Siren’s Call eZine Issue #8 coming out later this month. The other stories are in the final editing stages and will be submitted for publication as soon as they are ready.

So things are coming along and while this definitely won’t be a daily blog I should be able to write posts more often once the move is complete. Very special thanks to anyone who has actually been following my posts. You guys are awesome!

The picture at the top is one I took during our visit to the Mayan Temple of Tulum.

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