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“Splintered and Shattered”

Death is all around me.

In the earth, the air,

Even on my clothes.

Forever in my mind.

Despite all this,

I am alive.

My fellow soldiers, my friends,


Even my brother.


Their bodies ravaged and torn apart

By machine guns and shrapnel.

My body is unscathed,

My mind: splintered and shattered.

I’m craving a cigarette.

My brother pulls himself from the earth.

He is but a crippled corpse,

With rotted flesh barely clinging

To his mangled frame.

He offers me one.

I found this old poem in one of my many half filled notebooks. It’s just another piece related to my fascination with the First World War.

New look to site and other shit

I figured two months is enough time in between posts. First thing, if anyone actually noticed, is I changed the look of the site. No real reason other than I got bored of the old.

The main reason for the lack of updates has to do with the fact that on December 6th, my daughter Emilia Marie Leila Olson was born. Needless to say my life has changed and for the better. She is fantastic (and yes, I have changed some dirty diapers!). I took some time off from writing leading up to her birth and I’m glad I did as the emotional journey associated with the birth of a child is an exhausting one. Watching my wife go through labor has given me a new found respect for women. The strength (mental, physical, emotional) you guys put forth during labor is indescribable and I salute you!

Things are slowly getting back to normal on the home front and my creative spark has returned with a vengeance! 2013 was a very successful year writing-wise and so I’m ramping up for an even better 2014! Aside from more episodes of “Mammoth”, I’m co-writing a horror screenplay, working on some projects to possibly turn into comics/graphic novels and hoping to actually put out a novella/novel. It’s going to be a wild one so hold on,stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

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