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“Opened Eyes”

My eyes are open, for the first time I can see.

The whole world laid out in front of me.

The whole world as it was supposed to be.

My eyes are open, I began to indulge in my desires.

I did not know I was playing with fire.

I did not believe I could expire.

I’m an empty shell.

My soul is not well.

My eyes are open, for the first time I see Death.

He’s more addicting than crystal meth.

I see him steal my last breath.

My eyes were open, I wish I had been able to see.

All my sins laid out in front of me.

I wish I lived my life like it was supposed to be.

I’m an empty shell.

My soul is not well.

The flames begin to swell.

Going down to Hell.

Infinity Near


Misty night with misty moon,

I knew the journey would begin soon.

I floated up in the cosmic night,

With the stars illuminating bright.

Rising, transporting up and away,

I knew on Earth I could no longer stay.

This was my home way up here,

This is my home with infinity near.

My journey takes me away to Mars,

This red planet actually not too far.

I talked it up with that shadowy face,

The exchanges of knowledge that took place.

I sat down on the Martian ground,

Enjoying the silence; there is no sound.

I like this feeling that my body has,

Everything’s at peace like soulful jazz.

The never ending cosmos is my home,

Millions of places that I may roam.

I thank you all for being a part of me,

I’ll enjoy these memories for they will be,

My final thoughts. But that’s alright,

For now I say to you farewell and goodnight. 

“The Mistwalker”

Thunder claps and echoes.

Lively blue sky turns sick as

Dark clouds penetrate its serenity.

Uneasy feeling in the air.

A storm is approaching.

A storm on the senses.

On comprehension.

On sanity.

He is coming.

Last bit of blue erased with grey.

Lifelessness and nervousness creep through

As deathly mist blankets the land.


Life appears incapable of existing within its vaporous grasp.

There is something in the mist.


He comes out of the mist, faintly at first.

Eventually emerging as a ghost would through a wall.

Alive but no emotions.

Living but void of life.

The Mistwalker.

Some believe his is just a man.

Some believe he is the devil.

Those who meet him never speak again.

Soulless and empty.

Void of life.

Like him.

Like the Mistwalker.

The mist dissipates and the earth reappears.

Blue cracks through the grey.

Life returns as lifelessness fades.

Blue serenity fills the sky until the storm is a memory.

There is a casualty.

Somewhere. Someone.

Comprehension, communication and sanity,

All missing.

A breathing shell of a person.

Their mind and soul,

Forever lost in the mist.

Forever with the Mistwalker.


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